Looking Good for the High School Rite of Passage

Our daughter is going to high school this year. That first year in the new school is tough. The first day impression is like a tryout for a social class you will be put in for the next four years. Elementary school faux pas can be forgotten, and the first day of high school sets your new social path. This is why I wanted her to be able to make that entrance that would look like those slow-motion movie scenes where the girl is transformed into a princess.

Now I’m a mom that got curly clip in hair extensions for here teenage daughter because the women in my family, including myself, just do not have extraordinarily beautiful hair. We need a little helper. However, when you are doing curly clip in hair extensions on a teenager, it is not like it would be on me or my mom. A mistake in their placement or possibly seeing one of the clips would be overlooked by our friends. Not so with young girls. They can be brutal.The girls will wear extensions, but they do not readily admit it. You have to keep your peers guessing. Sad but true.

High school can be brutal. I know I have talked about how it would be nice to go back in time in conversations with my husband, but we both agree that we would skip the high school drama. The problem is that going through it the first time seems like it is a necessary rite of passage. I feel sorry for the kids going through it today. There is not a whole lot of compassion nowadays. Everything is about fashion from the clothes on your back to the electronics you carry and the shoes on your feet. I’m just glad we have one kid. We could not afford to outfit two of them for high school!