A Time for Metallic Sales

My family and I work together. We own our own business. We work in the junk industry. We collect scrap metal and antiques to sell, buy, and trade for profit. My father is the founder and CEO of the company. He started it in 1980. My mother is the co-founder of the business. She also is our accountant. My brother and I are coordinators and co-owners. We handle the outside daily deals. Metal is very precious. The price of copper per pound has been increasing for the past couple of years. I wanted to increase our profit. I thought I met a person that could do that.

One day, a man arrived at our business. He introduced himself. He told us that his name was Otto and he wanted to do business with us. My brother and I were eager to hear more about his deal. My father had a poker face the whole time. Otto told us that he had some extra copper that he wanted to sell. My father still did not seem to trust him. I told him I wanted to consider my deal with my business partners. Otto told me to meet him at a diner the next day. My brother and I agreed.

My brother and I met Otto at the diner. He was an hour late. We thought he backed out on our deal. Otto apologized and paid for our coffee. We returned home with the copper. We showed our father our hard work, but he was still wary. Suddenly, our neighbor knocked on our door. He told us that his water was not working. I went to go check my water. Much to my surprise, our water didn’t work. I discovered why.

My pipes were gone. Otto ripped out my own pipes and sold them back to me. I called the police and had him arrested. Our neighbor and I got our pipes repaired.